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Marion's work in various collections

The Liba Collection

Acrylic, Manuscript and Resin on Canvas

The Hon. Mrs. Shirley A. Liba of Winnipeg, Manitoba received a painting for her sixtieth birthday while she and her husband were at Government House.
Shirley's husband and Marion's grandmothers were step-sisters and both share a historical affection for Portage La Prairie where their grandmothers lived and also where the first Canadian abstract artist Bertram Brooker lived and worked.
Shirley's husband was a renowned collector of Canadian art - including The Group of Seven, W.J. Phillips and Ivan Eyre amongst others.

The Maiman Collection

Marion has work in the Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Maiman collection in Vancouver comprising three outstanding pieces: Intermezzo, Random Sound Random Movement and The Valley. In Kelowna there are three paintings in the Gatzke Collection. Marion lives and works in her studio-gallery in Kelowna which contains a great number of her own works as well as that of others by contemporary artists. 

Intermezzo and Random Sound Random Matter

The world's first laser was created by Dr. Theodore Maiman on May 16, 1960. His breakthrough accomplishment both startled the world and changed it. He has won the coveted Japan Prize and been nominated for the Nobel Prize more than once. He was a keen collector of Marion's work and three pieces are in the collection.

Random Sound Random Matter (2000)

Intermezzo (1993-1996)

The Valley (2004)

Von Suchy Collection

Roland and Lisa Marie Von Suchy became friends, patrons and collectors of Marion's work when she lived and worked in Whistler, Canada. They became very important in her growth as an artist.

Violins - 36" X 48" Mixed Media on Canvas

Our Lady Of The Windowpane
24" X 36" - Acrylic on Canvas - 1992

The Gatzke Collection

Michael Gatzke is the son and heir to the Gatzke family who came to Canada from Germany several decades ago following World War II. He and his family bought land in the Okanagan Valley and began farming. They now have considerable fruit orchards and Michael spends most of his time working the land. He is, however, another keen collector of Marion's work and has four paintings in his collection.

Dance 1

Dance 1 proved popular enough for Marion to create a series of the dance series each featuring a dress as a leitmotif.


Michael Gatzke has been a life long enthusiast of cello music and this piece by Marion was commissioned for him by his friend Valerie who has herself recently bought Dance 2.

Sold to Michael Gatzke

The Valerie Skirten Collection

Dance 2
16" X 16" Acrylic and Manuscript on Wood

Valerie has been buying Marion's art for a number of years now and is particularly interested in the Dance series of paintings. She has recently commissioned Dance IV for her daughter Amber and bought The Forest, which was featured in the 'Women, Souls and Persons' exhibition at the Kelowna Art Gallery in 2004, for her son Troy.

The Forest

Following Sold in London, UK.

The Phoenix
Acrylic On Canvas



Over the years Marion has noted a wide variety of individuals, institutions and agencies have collected her work. Given that she has been active for over half a century she now feels it timely to announce that even though she may have appeared to have a close association with some collectors she is in fact no way responsible for their belief systems, behaviors or in some cases; past histories.
It is interesting to note that most good artists throughout time have been collected by a wide assortment of diverse persons and have been able to maintian a professional integrity within sometimes controversial and complex situations.

The 'Collections' page is under development and relies upon collectors to send photos of their paintings to Marion. It is further incumbent upon them to keep her informed of what they want on this page and on the website regarding themselves.